Did you know that worldwide there are 4 births every second and 2 deaths every second?

The over population problem is real and serious.  We have quadrupled in the last 100 years.  We now number of 7 billion people on this planet.

The documentary film Prophets of Doom discusses over population as one of the most serious problems facing humanity.

Check out this Real Time Simulation of World Births and Deaths.  It’s amazing to just sit there and watch this map.  Interesting how few births there are in North America.  I watch this for 5 minutes and there wasn’t one birth in Canada.

Hans Rosling has some amazing Ted talks on this subject.  Have a look here.

Just some little, light and interesting bits of information for your long weekend. ;-) I find this stuff fascinating.

As we always say, our goal is to help you make your life better, and making your life better involves a balance between performance, health, and longevity.
We’ve learned a lot over the years about the best ways of accomplishing this. We’ve been around for a long time. As many of you know, we were the first fitness place in port moody and tri-city and one of the first in the world with this method of fitness.
Here is one major trend we’ve noticed over and over again:

A person comes to us with fitness goals. He signs up for personal training and makes quick gains. He graduates to classes and starts coming two, three, or four days a week, all the while his fitness gains continue quickly.

His fitness, his career, his relationship, his confidence – HIS LIFE – improves. Overall, he becomes almost addicted to the workouts, addicted to the post-workout high he feels.

Two or three more years go by and the novelty – the initial excitement – starts to fade ever so slightly.
We’ve learned that this is because group classes are designed to capture a wide audience. Workouts can be scaled to meet anyone’s level, and they’re often programmed in a way to give the majority of students what they want most – a metabolic hit. The truth is, metabolic conditioning is great for business, which is why so many fitness place affiliates are based on met con workouts.

But after four or five years of doing group classes, some people just don’t want to do more time. And physically they start to plateau. They just need some small changes in their routine.
Conrad Might be an Anomale

We used to try to fight against this feeling. We would keep encouraging everyone to come 4 days a week, hitting group classes week after week.

We realize now that the ideal fitness facility isn’t necessarily 5 group classes a week, especially when you’re doing high intensity training. For the first year – maybe even two years – this is do-able, but ultimately fighting this is like fighting human nature.

THIS is the concept behind our Specialty Programs.

Many of you might not even be aware that other programs exist outside of the regular group classes that are included in your base monthly membership.

We offer a number of different outlets for everyone, especially for people who have been around for a while. Some are seasonal, other are ongoing.

We’re starting to realize that the ideal fitness facility involves going to two or three classes per week with some more or less intense, specific strength/weakness/skill work on the side.

So if you’re one of those people who likes to come five or six days a week, we suggest you add a specialty program to your regular group classes – for the sake of your performance, your longevity and your healthy and happiness!

(coming soon some options if you’re looking to ADD something to your base class membership)

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