Monday May 25 2015

5:30am - 6:30amHamid / KellyIndoor Bootcamp
6:30am-7:30amHamid / KellyIndoor Bootcamp
8:30am - 9:30am HamidIndoor Bootcamp
9:30am- 10:30amHamidIndoor Bootcamp
4:00pm - 5:00pmErickIndoor Bootcamp
5:00pm-6:00pmErickIndoor Bootcamp
7:00pm - 8:00pm ErickIndoor Bootcamp
8:00pm - 9:00pmErickIndoor Bootcamp

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    Monday, May 18th ONLY CLASSES: 8:30am 9:30am Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th schedule is the same as usual ... read more

    Vanessa Hobden Story

    Love this Lady!!! Vanessa is driven for fitness.  She is focused on all levels, mind / body connection. Every workout is her best effort. Striving to accomplish her weaknesses, she redesigns the ... read more

    Irene’s Story

    Pro Fit Family is always excited to see who is going to walk in the door, brand new, ready to change their life. Irene is an inspiration, her determination, hard training and clean eating at start ... read more

    Veenesh Dubois Story

    Veenesh is an inspiration to the Pro Fit family.  She is the Lady talking to herself in the corner before 9:30am boot camp, reciting for upcoming auditons and/or performances. Thank you Vee, for ... read more

    Stephanie’s Story

      Stephanie has been a trooper and answerd a few questions. We admire Stephanie greatly and have been honoured she has stayed on board at Pro Fit Boot Camp to fulfill her training needs. She is ... read more