Our Spartans

Leah M
The Tough Mudder in June and the Spartan this Fall.  Two off the bucket list… but they’re not behind me, they’re now an annual, attainable challenge, thanks ... read more
Stephanie S
With a young family and full time job, making time for myself was challenging. There came a point however where I could no longer ignore the “SOS” signals my body was sending ... read more
Sunny Dragunov
Since the moment I joined Profit Bootcamp with Hamid and Kelly my training has been one speed = FULL TILT! Whatever we do, bootcamp, kickboxing, yoga, cross training, running or ... read more
Navina W
Navina Walji ... read more
Heather M
Participating in a Spartan Race is something that I have wanted to do for the past couple of years. Attending Hamid’s boot camp classes 3-4 times a week, in addition to a few ... read more
Harpreet J
Harpreet Johal ... read more
Brooke T
I have always lived an active lifestyle and considered myself fairly fit but since joining Profit a year ago my body and mind have changed immensely! I’m stronger and more resilient; ... read more
Manjit M
Like many others, my friend Brooke and I bought a Groupon for Profit Boot camp. That day is very vivid in my memory as I remember Brooke and I waiting for our first class to ... read more
Andrew Dow
Andrew has been a warrior his entire life. Year 2-5 he was a tough ninja-turtle. Year 5 – 10 he was Indiana Jones swinging on the jungle gym with his skipping rope whip. His ... read more
Richard Hobson
My goal for this year was to loose 25pound and get fitter and support my wife Carol in her journey to fitness .  Thanks to Hamid, Kelly and crew I am almost at the peak of my ... read more
Vanessa Hobden
My training for the Spartan has consisted of A LOT of boot camp and kick boxing, supplemented by special training for the obstacles and learning to run properly. My hands are ... read more
Carol Hobson
I joined Pro-Fit about 4 years ago, I walked into the gym defeated and overweight after a number of injuries that had stopped me from getting back to fitness. Both Kelly and Hamid ... read more
Troy B
I’ve always considered myself a fit guy who likes to challenge himself. I started the boot camp classes at Pro Fit because I wanted to see how hard I could push my body. ... read more
Irene Mah
 I am a Spartan… I will never forget March 15, 2012. I had bought a Profit Boot Camp Groupon.  It was my 3rd day in a row of boot camp class. I was in excruitiating pain ... read more
Correen Y
I spend some of my evenings running up and down steep hills as fast as I can, in pouring rain, carrying medicine balls and I do it until my lungs and muscles are done. Then I do ... read more