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I spend some of my evenings running up and down steep hills as fast as I can, in pouring rain, carrying medicine balls and I do it until my lungs and muscles are done. Then I do it some more. The next day I know I am going to ache and sometimes my office clothes are chosen specifically to hide the scrapes and bruises from the night before. After work I will be given a new challenge designed to determine which can last longer – my muscles or my will. I love this – and there are others just like me. We call ourselves Spartans.

In 2004, I dropped into Pro-Fit Boot Camp in Port Moody to give a “drop in” kickboxing class a try. That was the day I met Sensei Hamid Haji. Flash forward to 2013 and a lot more has come from that first day than putting a black belt in kickboxing “under my belt”. I have watched the Pro-Fit facility upgrade and expand and also develop a sense of community between the growing list of regulars.

One of the things I love about Pro-Fit is that Hamid gets to know his students and develops classes and programs to help us determine and reach our different personal goals. For most of us that is fitness and health which is fine, but there are a few of us who need something more. Hamid figured me out pretty quickly. I need to be pushed to dig a little deeper, urged to set my expectations a little higher and to have my will and limitations tested. Ultimately that competitor inside me needs to be fed. For me, and those like me, we have Spartan training.

I can’t say enough about the friendships I have made since I started with Pro-Fit, especially my workout weekend warriors; Irene (partner in crime & BFF) & Sunny (optimist and challenger)! Hamid, Kelly and children are like family to me which seems appropriate since Pro-Fit is my second home.

September 28th will be the second Spartan for the Pro-Fit Spartan Team and an opportunity to measure our progress together and as individuals. Let the mountain show me what its’ got, the obstacles and competitors can show me what they’ve got and I will find out what I’ve got. It is time to feed the competitor.

On behalf of the Spartan Beast and Sprint Teams – “We bust ours so we can kick yours!”


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