Pro Fit Boot Camp

While training to become a martial-arts sensei, Hamid Haji learned to focus. In the process, his zeroed in on his calling: helping others achieve optimal health through exercise. Drawing from the more than 25 years of fitness expertise he’d acquired at the dojo, he began to build workouts that students of all skill levels could perform. He then partnered with Kelly Pearce—a martial-arts student, fitness trainer, and seasoned yoga teacher—to found Pro Fit Boot Camp. She added music and power-yoga poses to his boxing, kickboxing, and weight-lifting moves, and the camp’s training regimen was born. Workouts take place indoors to protect students from raindrops and UV rays. Sweaty brows abound as they attempt to lift crater-speckled hunks of cheese in swiss-ball workouts, and jettison oversized caplets of Tylenol across the room during gruelling medicine-ball routines. The group also grabs TRX suspension-training straps for bodyweight exercises that cultivate strength and flexibility.m]]

About our place:

Pro Fit Boot Camp sprouted up from a Martial Arts background, by Sensei Hamid Haji. He began his Dojo in Port Moody under Starbucks in 1998. Sensei Hamid structured the Marital Arts practice to women’s mixed martial arts, kickboxing, extreme body conditioning and Katas. In year 2006, Pro Fit Boot Camp was born, Sensei Hamid directed the focus of workout more into the fundamentals of over all HEALTH for the body. The values of martial arts stays with every boot camp practice, the workout is loaded with intensity, education on proper bio mechanics regarding form of body, while doing all exercises. Fundamentals of yoga, using breathe, stretch, flexibility or no flexibility, understanding your body through yoga. Our focus for you is over all Health of your body, taking care of the body, mind connection. Trust us, we guide you to an understanding, acceptance and love for YOURSELF, you have never experienced. Sensei Hamid creates an atmosphere you will never want to leave. Join us!

About what we do:
I do not believe you would be reading this if you did not have the desire to evolve as well as I do not believe you would have come to this training without some willingness to work hard and give effort. That being said, now what is mystical? What is powerful? Why do we believe that it is mysterious, unseen and unknown? Who found the mystical? Who became truly powerful? What did they say? What was their teaching? Firstly, is there anything more mystical and powerful than life? Why does mystical and powerful have to be otherworldly? Why do people constantly look outside their circumstances for meaning and teachings? It’s not on a sacred scroll; it’s in the mirror! It’s in the smile of a child; it’s in the smell of a rose. It’s in that injury, and it’s in that divorce. It’s in that bankruptcy, and it’s that kiss! Most of us can agree there is nothing more special, mysterious, mystical, powerful and important than life! It seems to me if I would want to access the special, mysterious, mystical, powerful and most important, I simply need to live my life more fully. I need to somehow peel away the dullness and heighten my sensitivity and alertness. I need to start sucking the juice out of every single moment of the most precious gift ever to be had, “my life!” I see this in the life and teachings of all the masters, poets, god-like beings and yogis. Jesus said “love,” “forgive,” have “compassion” and “don’t judge.” Buddha said “observe,” “be silent,” and “serve.” Mother Teresa was a life of service, and Gandhi was a life of truth and non-violence. The goal of yoga according to Patanjali I am told is citta vrtti nirodha, which means to be silent or free from mental fluctuations. These lives and these teachings are only esoteric in their simplicity. We are so busy and have become so complex, being simple is actually esoteric. These lives and these teachings did not in any way express that there is anything needed to access the ultimate beyond what exists in our lives right now!

This is what our yoga practice is trying to accomplish.

Pro Fit Boot Camp focuses on over all HEALTH of the body, through Stretch, flexibility or beginnings of flexibility, strength and an abundance of cardio. Most exercises are done with little equipment, educating on SELF connection when moving through a series of exercises. Pro Fit Boot Camp comes from a Martial Arts background, taught by Sensei Hamid. Hamid works the body from a warm up, usually with a number of step ups, variations of squats, push ups, lunges. Combinations of sit ups, jumping, skipping, plyometrics, cross training (indoors), loading the body, preparing for the climax of an high intensity zone. Bringing in free weights, therabands, swiss ball, TRX bands, kick boxing, boxing on the bags, medicine ball work, adding in more super setting, continuing to load the body in between the strength work. A full hour workout, whole body workout. All levels of fitness work out together. Everyone leaves happy, energized and ready for a shower. We have members who never have worked out a day in their lives, to members who work out two/three times a day, exercising together, this creates a enthusiastic and encouraging environment.

About Hamid:

“My primary objective”, says Hamid, “besides turning more and more people on to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow, is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit”.

Sensei Hamid is the foundation of Pro Fit Boot Camp. Hamid’s Dojo, (martial arts gym), has been in Port Moody since 1998. Hamid’s mission is to encourage all individuals to do their best. He teaches to honor the body, as each days workout is different, create respect for yourself. He teaches when to push through the workout to reach new goals, as well, to be mindful when to take it easy. All classes are challenging, physically and mentally. Hamid creates an atmosphere that allows expression, whether it is a day of fatigue for you, feeling beat up, all individuals come together, INSPIRATION. Hamid, in that hour, will intuitively create a workout out of this world. Guaranteed all will leave feeling strong, rejuvenated, alive. Every class is different, with decades of learning, travelling world wide for martial arts competition and practice, instructing world wide, placing emphasis on taking care of the body, through stretch, yoga, strength, using one’s own body, or incorporating bands, weights ect….each class will keep you moving and excited. Hamid is a Fitness Guru. Try his class, you will then realize what you have been missing all these years! See you soon.

Erick Rodriguez
(Certified weight trainer/Personal Trainer)

“Everything in the universe is either in a state of growth or decay” – Plato

As my parents struggled to maintain a family of 6, they made sacrifices to provide the best for us. We moved around more than the average family, trying to find our settling grounds. As my surroundings and the people in my life changed, the one thing that always remained consistent throughout my adolescent years was physical activity. I was always looking to participate in any activity that would engage me physically -primarily long distance running. I found pleasure in the simplicity of being active and challenging myself. Knowing that when it came to it, I always tried my best and that is what I found most rewarding.

As I approached my early to late 20’s, I found my drive for physical activity decreasing and becoming very minimal. It simply took a back seat in my life. Time spent being physically engaged were far and few between the months and I found that “life” had completely taken over. I had no desire to participate in any extra circular activities as I once did and I started letting the effects of a sedentary lifestyle take control. I was overweight, depressed and lacked self confidence. After being left with chronic back pain due to a high velocity vehicle collision in late 2007, I found I had no ambition or drive to get off the couch -unless it was to grab a second helping.

It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself fishing on a camping trip that I knew I needed to make a conscious effort to change. I was at the cusp of turning 30 and weighing in at 220lbs. That was the turning point for me – my rock bottom. I promised myself a lifestyle change and committed to remaining consistent; incorporating basic nutrition into my daily living. I kept track of my achievements and always had a goal in mind. Progress was and still remains the fuel that drives me towards my next set of goals. I can now say I have control of my life and have grown as a person along the way – benefiting both physically and mentally as well.

With a passion for fitness and my past in mind, I decided to further my commitment by becoming a personal trainer. I aspire to steer people in the right direction by sharing my past experiences and supplying them with the proper tools and insight in hopes of moving them one step closer to their own successes.

Andrew Dow: Fitness Group and Personal Trainer,  Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Nutritionist.  Nutrition Appt’s please email ( more info on Andrew coming soon)  Don’t worry about failures, think about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

About Kelly:

Kelly Pearce met Sensei Hamid through Martial Arts. We joined together to create Pro Fit Boot Camp. A Fitness Trainer, Instructor to Fitness classes since 2000. Trained world wide in YOGA, the most important skilled learned was the honor of breathing. We take for granted daily, breathing is the key to coolness of mind and relaxation of body in the most stressful times. The work and art of breathing is the foundation to maintaining stamina in an intense workout, as such, at Pro Fit Boot Camp. The instructors at Pro Fit Boot Camp will encourage and educate on how to breathe properly while heart rate and breathe rate is high. Biomecheanics and muscle engagement is the other key foundation. How to connect to your body while doing movements of such, squats, lunges, push ups jumping, ect..for no other reason then to prevent injury, but also to connect the mind back into using the body properly. Daily life takes us into the lazy ways of using our bodies, this causes injury when needed to actually load the body through lifting or even simply brushing our teeth with a slight forward bend, as the mind has lost proper relationship to the muscles and ligaments of the body. At Pro Fit we move through all exercises with awareness and correct form, which in turn also carries into daily routine.

Kelly also has a practice of Registered Massage Therapist at the Dojo, she has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2002, graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Continuing her education with courses of Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Integration, Manual Therapy for Peripheral and Cranial Nerves. through the Barral Institute. Cranial Sacral Therapy, through the Upledger Institute. . An importance is placed in the muscle system, through deep tissue massage, sport massage treatments, however, with treatment assessment, we can narrow into underlying tissues that might be over looked through working solely with deep tissue massage.