How do I schedule my classes?
We are in the process of setting up online scheduling. Please for now email us through, CONTACT US, on our
subject bars. We need your start date, days and times you would like to come over the 4 weeks.

Do I have to have the same schedule for all 4 weeks?
No, you can choose days and times that are different through all the 4 weeks. ie, mon @ 7pm, Tues @ 8pm ect…
The following weeks can be different from the previous week.

Can I make up classes missed?
Yes, make up classes have to be in the same week as the missed class. Must do 3 days for each week.

What do I bring?
Bring a towel, water and yoga mat, if you are groupon, please bring your groupon as well, bare feet on the mats. If you have your own boxing gloves please bring them, other wise you can borrow, or purchase through us.

What do I wear?
Comfortable work out clothes that you enjoy to move freely in. Bare feet on the mats.

I am a beginner, will I survive the classes, which classes are for beginners?
All levels of fitness work out together, we will encourage modifying if we see in correct technique. Modifying will
encourage proper strength to muscles, to be able to master full exercises down the road. All classes are open to all levels of fitness.