Maria Jurado Story


Maria is an example of walking the walk, talking the talk;) A privilege to have in the gym. Maria is easy to coach, as technique is broken down, she has patience to practice good form of basic movements to adapt into functional movement patterns. Her body shows flexibility, strength, adapting the gym into her daily life, she uses fitness as part as her meditation to a healthy mind and body.
Thanks Maria, a good inspiration!
Congratulations on the highest score, 85 burpees over 5 min. Woot ! Woot!

1. What brought you into Pro Fit Boot Camp?

I needed a kick in the butt to get back in shape. I saw a Groupon for Pro-Fit and decided to Google it and learn more. I liked what Pro Fit was all about so I decided to go for it.

2.What was going on in immediate life when started the training at Pro Fit?

I had just moved back to Canada after living abroad for 2.5 years. I was going through the worst culture shock I’ve experienced to date, working at a job I highly disliked and was feeling depressed about finding that I hardly had anything in common with most of my friends anymore. I was also breaking up with cigarettes. Talk about grouchy times. I had gone back to my old habits of turning to food for comfort and was starting to get a little ‘puffy’ again.

3.What was your fit level at start of training until present?
My lungs had the capacity of a water balloon, I could barely skip and complained about pains all the time. I would get angry at myself and frustrated. Hamid and Kelly taught me to focus on proper form and to acknowledge what I was doing right. Once my mindset began to shift to a more positive and accepting frame of mind, I began to see gains in my fitness.

4.What are 3 or more goals you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see?
1. I can do a proper push up!! Never thought I’d be able to do a ‘knees off the floor’ push up.
2. I can do a proper clean
3. I now have a strong core – makes all the difference.

I’d like to see my body composition change. I eat really healthy and balanced but am working on cutting down on sweets. I can’t help myself when I see a fine looking brownie sitting there practically calling my name!!! ‘No sugar no grains’ is the name of the game. I also tend to overeat when the food in front of me is delicious so I am working on portion control. I’d also like to do do a proper pull up and headstand.

5.What motivates you to train and continue with a fitness lifestyle?

My health and happiness are top on the list. When I say health, I mean both physical and mental. Nothing fixes a bad day like a great workout at my happy place surrounded by my Pro Fit friends!!!
Illness prevention is also a motivator. Both my parents suffer from medical conditions which I could easily develop if I don’t take care of myself. Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger!!

A big thank you to everyone at Pro Fit for always keeping me motivated and for the encouragement, laughs and support! xoxo


Stephanie’s Story


Stephanie has been a trooper and answerd a few questions.

We admire Stephanie greatly and have been honoured she has stayed on board at Pro Fit Boot Camp to fulfill her training needs.

She is an inspiration, juggling family in their young years, a career and her own personal goals.

Personal goals for a mother is difficult, as kids become a crutch to hide behind.

Stephanie honours herself, every 5:3oam class during the week and early morning on weekends, she is at Pro Fit Boot Camp.

Thank you Stephanie for being a leader, really good to have you in the gym.

1. What brought you in to Pro Fit Boot Camp?

I had made a personal decision that it was time to get into shape and do something for myself.

Was researching gyms and programs and saw the Groupon offered by Profit. I bought it and the

rest is history.

2. What was going on in immediate life when you start the training at Pro Fit?

Raising two young children; working full time. No extra-curricular or sport activities in my day

to day life. I had let myself gain weight after my second child. I looked big and avoided mirrors

at all costs. In my “duty” or role of being a mom, I had gotten into a routine of just doing things

for the family and was not making time for me. I also felt guilty and/or selfish at the thought of

taking time away from being with my husband or my children to do something for myself. Lots

of unnecessary guilt.

I finally accepted I needed to make a change. The hours of the classes at Pro Fit offered me a

“guilt free” workout – it was the perfect fit.

When I met Hamid, I told him what I lack in physical ability I will make up for in determination. I

meant it.

3. What was your physical activity like prior to marriage and children?

Played competitive tennis growing up, in university and through my 20’s. Did cross country

skiing in my youth and competitive team in high school. In my 20’s also got into spinning and

aerobic classes. I was in good shape.

4. Where was your fit level at start of training to now?

To start, zero cardio, zero core, strength wise I using 8lb weights at the beginning. Personal

weight… I never weighed myself (fear primarily and I didn’t want to know – denial) but if I had to

guess, I was approaching 180lbs?

Now, have cardio… last weekend jogged the Sun Run with ease. Did the Spartan Sprint last

year and finished in the top 20th percentile of my age group. Now using 15lb weights. Made

significant progress in finding my abs. Weighed myself finally and I am now 128lbs.

5. Where was your personal level, ie. energy levels, time management levels, injuries…?

The place I was in before, I felt lazy and I was unhappy with myself. Low self- esteem and

low energy. I always had the desire to workout, jog or play tennis – I just had trouble getting

myself there to start. No pre-existing injuries to blame – just self-allowed transformation into a

marshmallow. Poor time management as I did not make “me time”.

6. What are 3 or more things you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see?


– Changed my eating habits

o I approach food differently now ; I eat healthier and limit food that won’t give me

good health benefits

– I have much more energy!

– I’ve lost significant weight and gained cardio, muscle, stability, core – I have a new body

essentially (I am probably the fittest I’ve been in my life)

– I’ve embraced a new family at Pro Fit and made fantastic new friends

– I am a happier person due to previous points stated… J

Further Goals:

– I honestly don’t see an end to my goals. I feel like I have gained a new state of being on

mental, emotional and physical levels. So my first and foremost goal is to NOT lose sight

these important things. I honestly see my health in “the sky is the limit” perspective. There

is continual room for improvement; and I want to keep improving, keep learning, keep

trying new things. For example, I learned how to do a proper push up the other day!! I see

all the fit people at Pro Fit and I am inspired to keep going. If I had to name some specifics,

I’d say I do want to lose more weight, and I definitely want to improve in strength. I’d like to

climb that rope one day, do a set of chin ups unassisted, and if possible after two kids, have

well defined abs. Harder – better – faster – stronger!!!


Veenesh Dubois Story


Veenesh is an inspiration to the Pro Fit family.  She is the Lady talking to herself in the corner before 9:30am boot camp, reciting for upcoming auditons and/or performances.

Thank you Vee, for returning all these years, keeping the trainers on their toes, to continue to give you the best workouts each day.
Veenesh’s desire for performing started at an early age back in her village where the best stories came from. In Canada, her theatre studies include; voice, movement and her new found love of play writing. In front of the camera,she has appeared in over 30 U.S National commercials, TV series – most recently on the series “The Killing” directed by Jonathan Demme . And  of course the stage where she feels most at home on.
Veenesh has fulfilled a life long dream of creating, producing and starring in her own stage plays. But she’s not done yet!!! lookout for a children’s book to be released in the near future..
1. What brought you to Pro-Fit Bootcamp?
~ I first came to profit because I got tired of the hustle and bustle of a gym and how impersonal it was out there. I needed a different workout than a treadmill or bike and the monotony of going from one machine to another..I felt like a robot!!
2.What was going on in your  immediate life before you started the training at Profit?
~ I was very busy auditioning for film and T.V, touring my show nationally and taking care of my family. I felt tired but needed to workout to keep my sanity and not let the touring life consume me.
3.Where was your fit level from start and now?
~ I was pretty fit before because I had been a runner and worked out constantly but after joining Profit I learned about the CORE!!! I started to focus on my core and doing the exercises properly to benefit me and build muscle. My legs, abdominals,arms and my mind feels ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound! I’M A PRO – FIT WOMAN,HEAR ME ROAR!
4. Where is your personal levels ie: Energy,time management,injuries?
~ I have plenty of energy these days but the work is hard in Profit and challenges me everyday,I like that because I need to be challenged! The workouts are so different and fun that you almost forget your working out and the time goes by so fast but you’re still dripping with sweat..All over the blue floor!!
5.What are 3 or more things you achieved at Profit and further goals you would like to see.
~ I see my body getting stronger and my physique looking leaner
~ I see my focus getting stronger when I do an exercise.
~ I’m aware my posture now more than I ever have been..even in a grocery store. I can’t believe how focusing on my posture before I go into an audition helps me with delivering lines. I am confident in the room and hold my head up high and the directors,producers and casting directors see that.
~ I can move freely on stage in a movement piece and hold the audiences attention throughout my entire performance and receive a standing ovation at the end.
What do I need from Profit moving forward?
~ I need you to push me even more and tell me everyday to watch my core,posture, eat less wheat and sugar!! I need more exercises that are fun but challenging and I need to raise my cardio level. I want to by the end of the year to do a race of some sort,not sure what,maybe you all can suggest something for me.
But till then….
I am 48 years old, I’m a mom to 3 adult daughters, I’m married to a rock star and I’m about to become a grandmother! What more can I ask for!
Thank you Profit for enriching my life with a strong body and the knowledge to connect with it!! Heres to 10 more years..


Irene’s Story


Pro Fit Family is always excited to see who is going to walk in the door, brand new, ready to change their life.

Irene is an inspiration, her determination, hard training and clean eating at start was a daily focus, a challenge.  Over a short time, this lifestyle became her, Irene is a Lady of health.  As we age from 20′s, health focus is taking care of the body and mind.  Irene is a great role model, transforming her old habits into a new fresh life, taking back her youth.  Congratulations Irene!

As goals are reached, recognized and embraced with celebration,  help is there to create new challenges.  As living is forever changing, we must embrace the changes, every second is a start to a new healthy mind / body.


1. What brought you in to Pro Fit Boot Camp?

Originally, my daughter Brianna and her friend Brittany purchased a Pro Fit Groupon. I remember she had to choose classes and email them to Kelly. Then she told me she was attending a class at 6:30am. I thought Brianna had gone nuts!

My mom once told me…when a woman hits 35 her body goes slowly downhill. It happened to me!

Good food or should I say… Bad food that tastes good, for example… carbs, sugar, junk food, yummy chips, chocolate, wine.

I have a blended family with 5 kids. I work full time as a Certified Dental Assistant and was manager of my son’s volleyball team. I used to be PAC president and ran fund raising committees. I was a busy woman.

Before you knew it, I was 35 lbs overweight! Did I mention wine?

One day, I noticed a Pro Fit Groupon and thought to myself, it would be great to sign up, lose some weight and get in shape in a month. Haha…I know Hamid and Kelly gets a kick when people say that because you can’t undo years of physical neglect and expect a miracle to happen in one month.

2.What was going on in your immediate life when you start the training at Pro Fit?

My son Shomas just got his ‘N’ and was able to drive himself to volleyball practices 3 x/ week and suddenly I could fit boot camp into my schedule.

On the first day, I couldn’t skip or do a sit up and my body felt so flabby.

I was in so much pain after the 3rd day of boot camp, I wanted to cry… but after that first week, I noticed my body was feeling tighter and clothes were even feeling looser. Hmm…encouraging but I mentioned to Hamid that I wasn’t losing weight. Hamid said, if you want to lose weight then don’t go home and eat a big dinner. How did he know that’s what I would do? I worked out! I was starving and I deserved to eat!!! But what Hamid said made sense. Slowly the weight came off.

After my one month groupon expired, I contemplated whether to rejoin or not. The exercises were simple enough and I could do it in the living room while watching television. Not!!! I was not motivated to even do 10 sit ups at home. No!!! I needed to hear Hamid hollering his commands.
One hour later, dripping with sweat all over the blue mats. There was nothing like it!!!

6 months later, my husband Barry decided to join Pro Fit after I challenged him to a push-up contest and I won.

3.Where was your fit level at start of training to now?

After 2 years of being a member at Pro Fit Boot Camp…

I jog, hike and do boot camp classes, sometimes doubling up on the classes and even some 5:30am classes. And yes…a lot of people ask me…’Are you nuts?’ I just smile and agree because Pro Fit has really changed my life for the better.

Here I am… 55 years old and 35 lbs lighter than when I started Pro Fit Boot Camp and find myself wishing… if only mom could see me now, she’d be so proud.

4.Where is your personal level, ie. energy levels, time management levels, injuries…?

I feel energized for sure, from all the workouts. It requires some planning ahead to attend the workouts ~ i.e. packing your gear the night before.

During the Beast Spartan Race at Sun Peaks, I did injure my knee and also landed quite hard on a jagged stone on one of my butt cheeks. This resulted in growing a third butt cheek the size of a golf ball but rest assured, it is back to normal now.

5.What are 3 or more things you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see?

I have come a long way in improving my fitness level and hope I can provide inspiration to new members and even older members who are struggling with weight loss and fitness goals. It is because of the awesome Pro Fit Boot Camp instructors, inspiring fellow members and Weight Watchers that I have achieved my fitness and health goals. I’m happy to see fellow boot campers get in shape also. If you keep at it, your body will firm up!

I’ve met many fun boot campers at Pro Fit who have taken me on a Spartan Race journey and the Relay for Life. Pro Fit has provided me with a lot of encouragement and confidence. I would still like to improve my technique and increase my strength and lose my little belly fat.

My husband loves it when I offer to help carry the bags of groceries. I always remind him that he is so lucky to be married to a Boot Camp woman.



Vanessa Hobden Story



Love this Lady!!! Vanessa is driven for fitness.  She is focused on all levels, mind / body connection. Every workout is her best effort. Striving to accomplish her weaknesses, she redesigns the gym, literally. LOL.  (Thanks Don)  Very respected and loved at the gym, this Lady is a model of physical fitness.  Privilege to have her at Pro Fit.  Looking forward to her next adventures, stay tuned, they are coming!!!


1. What brought you in to Pro Fit Boot Camp?

It was 2010 and I was working out on a semi-regular basis but had somewhat plateaued, doing the same stuff every workout. I wasn’t getting any faster/stronger/better. My daughter, Brynn, had been doing Karate with Sensei Hamid for 6 years at that time and I decided to check out a boot camp class. I thought I was in pretty good shape when I walked in but that first class, and the next few, almost killed me! I managed not to throw up & kept coming back.

2.What was going on in immediate life when you start the training at Pro Fit?

I was working a lot, not eating very well and was maybe a little bit*hy occasionally (often). The workouts that I was doing had become routine and I was looking for something different. With Pro Fit I found it – never the same workout twice & always challenging.

3.Where was your fit level at start of training to now?

Significantly improved! I really did think I was fairly fit when I started but there is no comparison. It’s a completely different level of fitness and definitely more well-rounded, i.e. not just strength or cardio or flexibility or speed, but all of the above. The best thing is that there are always new things to try and improve on.

4.Where is your personal level, ie. energy levels, time management levels, injuries…?

I have far more energy and am way less bit*hy now (family nodding in agreement). My time management skills have improved and I am more efficient – I have to be, to make up for all that time I spend at the gym every day, lol. I have had a few injuries. Each one has been a learning experience and helped me improve my form. I definitely think that my fitness level has reduced the recovery time of each injury. Most recently, I twisted my leg skiing, resulting in a torn ACL plus possible meniscus issue (still waiting for an MRI!) but I think there is a pretty good chance, given the compensating strength of my leg muscles, that I may not need/want surgery.

5.What are 3 or more things you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see

I have met many inspiring people and made some really great friends – that is the most rewarding part. I have learned to accept a challenge and work to achieve the desired result, both inside & outside of the gym. I never say “I can’t do that” anymore…I don’t even think it! I have discovered that I really enjoy competing in races – the Spartan events, 10K’s, Seek the Peak etc. I have found patience and quiet with yoga, and improved my flexibility as an added benefit.

Further goals include 1) one fully extended pull-up, 2) learn one complete kata and perform it without peeking at the person beside me, 3) no further injuries & 4) I have been thinking about this one for a while…for a special ultra-boot camp challenge, one Monday or Wednesday (really soon) I am going to do every Pro Fit class offered on that day, i.e. 9 hours…who want to do that with me? It’ll be fun J