Manjit M

Like many others, my friend Brooke and I bought a Groupon for Profit Boot camp. That day is very vivid in my memory as I remember Brooke and I waiting for our first class to start; we both looked at each other and thought “if we leave now, no one gets hurt”. That was one year ago and I’ve never looked back. Now I have practically moved in. Thanks to the encouraging words from our fearless leaders “Hamid and Kelly” I have been able to increase my cardio and strength, correct my running and lower my injury down time, however I still moan and roll my eyes during the workouts from time to time.
Working out beside some of the nicest and most inspiring people makes me work harder at achieving the goals that I have set for myself. Not every day is the same, but the message never changes…you only get back what you put in. To my fellow Spartans: let’s get this over with!!!


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