Leah M

The Tough Mudder in June and the Spartan this Fall.  Two off the bucket list… but they’re not behind me, they’re now an annual, attainable challenge, thanks to Pro-Fit!!


A Groupon offer a year and a half ago was the catalyst.   But, within my first week, I knew I’d found something special:    I instantly loved the challenging workouts combined with Hamid and Kelly’s quiet intensity and passion for health.      Add to that the fantastic folks that I work out with and I’m now hooked!


When I joined Pro-Fit, it  had been a very long time since I’d committed to working out regularly as I’d just “not had time”.    Now, attending bootcamp is what I call “quality me time”!  And the amazing thing?  In making “me” a priority, my family benefits too: I’m having fun and that energy translates everyday.

A  Healthy and Fit Mom and Dad send a wonderful message to our young children who look forward to the races we do together!


Two challenges down, but still a lot of room for growth and I look forward to continuing to grow strong with ALL the members of  my Pro-Fit Family:  You regularly make an amazing impact and for that, I thank you!!


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