Troy B

I’ve always considered myself a fit guy who likes to challenge himself. I started the boot camp classes at Pro Fit because I wanted to see how hard I could push my body. The classes can be intense, but I love them! Even though I’m sweating and killing myself for most of the class, I always leave with a smile on my face. Weird, but true. The workouts are amazing and so is the support that people give each other. Pro Fit has intensified my motivation and drive. Now doing double Grouse Grinds isn’t as hard as it used to be, and I am even considering the Knee Knacker ultra! I must be insane! I am competing in my first Spartan Beast in Kamloops and am looking forward to this race, as it’s a barometer of how far my fitness has come. It’s probably going to hurt (a lot), but Hamid has given me the mental toughness to push through! I encourage others to try these boot camp classes; if you keep going, they will change your life! They have certainly changed mine!

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