Leonel Franco

“When we see this body as a tool for social benefit, we begin to take care of 

it as we take care of our Earth. And we take care of the earth as we take 

care of our body.” – Awake in the World, by Michael Stone

A little bit about me. I feel honoured to have been tattooed by Mikel Johnson. His patience with his work is a great example for me of how great quality comes from years of hard work and dedication. Along with the artistic joys of my life I currently play a variety of sports, train in acrobatics, weight lifting, running, cycling, and I enjoy the frequent boulder climb. I like to keep it simple when it comes to training and play with the basics. I feel that as the days pass I  learn to peel back posutres and movements to the core and progress from there.  Challenging and rewarding. Gradually building up with consistency is key…

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