Trifon Marchovski

My name is Trifon Marchovski and I saw sunlight for the first time on 19th of February 1977. My mother said  I cried a great deal. Since then I try to cry less and laugh more – “We are here on earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.” is my favorite quote by Kurt Vonnegut.

When I hit six years of age I started swimming, I swam for over twenty years. Probably the best twenty years of my life. I ended my career as a triathlete. I even became a triathlon champion of Republic of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is where I was born and raised. I earned a bachelor degree in sports science and swimming from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy. I started traveling and a decade later I found myself quite happy in Vancouver, British Columbia not without the help of my friend and wife Poli.

Meanwhile I studied web design at Cape Cod Community College, graduated the publishing program at Langara College and worked as an image editor and consultant at VRX studios.

After a respectful period of quiet desperation I realized I will never be satisfied sitting in front of a computer all day long. I’ve got the call of the wild. I went straight back to sports, to nature, to fascination. I took part in a few competitions just to remind myself I was still on the young side of the slope. In 2011 I won the 30-35 age group Vancouver Triathlon and finished second overall. I also finished first in the men’s 3 km open water swim at Kitsilano Challenge. Shortly after I got engaged to a new sport with which I connected perfectly. It is called Kettlebell lifting or Girevoy Sport. In the summer of 2013 I became a World Kettlebell Club Certified Coach. I’d like to think that this bio covers only the beginning of my life but to be frank it might be closer to the middle. Anyway…

I have always being interested in sports, health, and nutrition. This is what gives me pleasure. And this is what I am going to talk to you about.VanTri-4

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