One on One Training

Our one on one training is over a course of 10 one hour personal training sessions. If you have been exposed to our boot camp classes, these 10 personal training sessions will be a good way to educate your self further with functional movements, increasing more postural engagement, connection. These training sessions will focus on any faulty movements that maybe compromising your ability to take you further on your fitness journey.

Your initial visit will be based on assessment of your functional movements, flexibility/mobility. We will correct potential faulty and dysfunctional movement patterns. This is the foundation to build toward your fitness goals, to ensure you adapt the fundamental movement prerequisites to reduce risk of injuries and build stamina. Dysfunctional movements in daily life can be over looked, but during workouts, if these faulty movements are not addressed directly and efficiently, these flaws will be built on, compromise technique and cause serious risk of injury.

The brain connects to the body through the ligamentus and tendonus system. This is where the nerves (proprioceptors) feedback to the brain, whether body should relax or tense. In order to get a body in a shape to apply a high intensity anerobic workout, the ligamentous and tendonous system has to be at a rest state. Our instructors can determine this through assessment of your functional movements, establishing your flexibilty and mobility you show on initial visit. The goals can be set accordingly to what your body will need in order to get it ready for the strength/ anerobic workouts.

All workouts will provide mobility exercises, strength technique, and a series of exercises at given reps and time. All individually planned to get you on the road of living with a functional body.

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