Erick Rodriguez

Erick Rodriguez

  • CrossFit Level I Certified
  • (Certified weight trainer/Personal Trainer)

“Everything in the universe is either in a state of growth or decay” – Plato

As my parents struggled to maintain a family of 6, they made sacrifices to provide the best for us. We moved around more than the average family, trying to find our settling grounds. As my surroundings and the people in my life changed, the one thing that always remained consistent throughout my adolescent years was physical activity. I was always looking to participate in any activity that would engage me physically -primarily long distance running. I found pleasure in the simplicity of being active and challenging myself. Knowing that when it came to it, I always tried my best and that is what I found most rewarding.

As I approached my early to late 20′s, I found my drive for physical activity decreasing and becoming very minimal. It simply took a back seat in my life. Time spent being physically engaged were far and few between the months and I found that “life” had completely taken over. I had no desire to participate in any extra circular activities as I once did and I started letting the effects of a sedentary lifestyle take control. I was overweight, depressed and lacked self confidence. After being left with chronic back pain due to a high velocity vehicle collision in late 2007, I found I had no ambition or drive to get off the couch -unless it was to grab a second helping.

It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself fishing on a camping trip that I knew I needed to make a conscious effort to change. I was at the cusp of turning 30 and weighing in at 220lbs. That was the turning point for me – my rock bottom. I promised myself a lifestyle change and committed to remaining consistent; incorporating basic nutrition into my daily living. I kept track of my achievements and always had a goal in mind. Progress was and still remains the fuel that drives me towards my next set of goals. I can now say I have control of my life and have grown as a person along the way – benefiting both physically and mentally as well.

With a passion for fitness and my past in mind, I decided to further my commitment by becoming a personal trainer. I aspire to steer people in the right direction by sharing my past experiences and supplying them with the proper tools and insight in hopes of moving them one step closer to their own successes.

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