Veenesh Dubois

Profit has provided me with strength, balance and core awareness, in a completely safe and nurturing setting. I feel confident that I can ask Hamid and Kelly anything related to my health and fitness needs and they will go out of their way to help me.
I am an actress and tour all over Canada and the U.S and Hamid has helped design workouts for me when I’m away so that I can stay in shape and keep focus…while staying calm in a business where one critics review can rattle you for the rest of the tour.
I’m the woman you see me talking to myself or the blue punching bag while at bootcamp,it’s because I’m prepping for an audition…No, I’m not really crazy…
And the biggest bonus to coming to Profit for me is… Cuddling Hamid and Kelly’s kids who I have grown to love over the few years I’ve been coming here! It’s really like family here… Keep up the great work guys!!

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