Irene’s Story

2211Pro Fit Family is always excited to see who is going to walk in the door, brand new, ready to change their life.

Irene is an inspiration, her determination, hard training and clean eating at start was a daily focus, a challenge.  Over a short time, this lifestyle became her, Irene is a Lady of health.  As we age from 20’s, health focus is taking care of the body and mind.  Irene is a great role model, transforming her old habits into a new fresh life, taking back her youth.  Congratulations Irene!

As goals are reached, recognized and embraced with celebration,  help is there to create new challenges.  As living is forever changing, we must embrace the changes, every second is a start to a new healthy mind / body.


1. What brought you in to Pro Fit Boot Camp?

Originally, my daughter Brianna and her friend Brittany purchased a Pro Fit Groupon. I remember she had to choose classes and email them to Kelly. Then she told me she was attending a class at 6:30am. I thought Brianna had gone nuts!

My mom once told me…when a woman hits 35 her body goes slowly downhill. It happened to me!

Good food or should I say… Bad food that tastes good, for example… carbs, sugar, junk food, yummy chips, chocolate, wine.

I have a blended family with 5 kids. I work full time as a Certified Dental Assistant and was manager of my son’s volleyball team. I used to be PAC president and ran fund raising committees. I was a busy woman.

Before you knew it, I was 35 lbs overweight! Did I mention wine?

One day, I noticed a Pro Fit Groupon and thought to myself, it would be great to sign up, lose some weight and get in shape in a month. Haha…I know Hamid and Kelly gets a kick when people say that because you can’t undo years of physical neglect and expect a miracle to happen in one month.

2.What was going on in your immediate life when you start the training at Pro Fit?

My son Shomas just got his ‘N’ and was able to drive himself to volleyball practices 3 x/ week and suddenly I could fit boot camp into my schedule.

On the first day, I couldn’t skip or do a sit up and my body felt so flabby.

I was in so much pain after the 3rd day of boot camp, I wanted to cry… but after that first week, I noticed my body was feeling tighter and clothes were even feeling looser. Hmm…encouraging but I mentioned to Hamid that I wasn’t losing weight. Hamid said, if you want to lose weight then don’t go home and eat a big dinner. How did he know that’s what I would do? I worked out! I was starving and I deserved to eat!!! But what Hamid said made sense. Slowly the weight came off.

After my one month groupon expired, I contemplated whether to rejoin or not. The exercises were simple enough and I could do it in the living room while watching television. Not!!! I was not motivated to even do 10 sit ups at home. No!!! I needed to hear Hamid hollering his commands.
One hour later, dripping with sweat all over the blue mats. There was nothing like it!!!

6 months later, my husband Barry decided to join Pro Fit after I challenged him to a push-up contest and I won.

3.Where was your fit level at start of training to now?

After 2 years of being a member at Pro Fit Boot Camp…

I jog, hike and do boot camp classes, sometimes doubling up on the classes and even some 5:30am classes. And yes…a lot of people ask me…’Are you nuts?’ I just smile and agree because Pro Fit has really changed my life for the better.

Here I am… 55 years old and 35 lbs lighter than when I started Pro Fit Boot Camp and find myself wishing… if only mom could see me now, she’d be so proud.

4.Where is your personal level, ie. energy levels, time management levels, injuries…?

I feel energized for sure, from all the workouts. It requires some planning ahead to attend the workouts ~ i.e. packing your gear the night before.

During the Beast Spartan Race at Sun Peaks, I did injure my knee and also landed quite hard on a jagged stone on one of my butt cheeks. This resulted in growing a third butt cheek the size of a golf ball but rest assured, it is back to normal now.

5.What are 3 or more things you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see?

I have come a long way in improving my fitness level and hope I can provide inspiration to new members and even older members who are struggling with weight loss and fitness goals. It is because of the awesome Pro Fit Boot Camp instructors, inspiring fellow members and Weight Watchers that I have achieved my fitness and health goals. I’m happy to see fellow boot campers get in shape also. If you keep at it, your body will firm up!

I’ve met many fun boot campers at Pro Fit who have taken me on a Spartan Race journey and the Relay for Life. Pro Fit has provided me with a lot of encouragement and confidence. I would still like to improve my technique and increase my strength and lose my little belly fat.

My husband loves it when I offer to help carry the bags of groceries. I always remind him that he is so lucky to be married to a Boot Camp woman.