Vanessa Hobden Story

Love this Lady!!! Vanessa is driven for fitness.  She is focused on all levels, mind / body connection. Every workout is her best effort. Striving to accomplish her weaknesses, she redesigns the gym, literally. LOL.  (Thanks Don)  Very respected and loved at the gym, this Lady is a model of physical fitness.  Privilege to have her at Pro Fit.  Looking forward to her next adventures, stay tuned, they are coming!!!   1. ... read more

Irene’s Story

Pro Fit Family is always excited to see who is going to walk in the door, brand new, ready to change their life. Irene is an inspiration, her determination, hard training and clean eating at start was a daily focus, a challenge.  Over a short time, this lifestyle became her, Irene is a Lady of health.  As we age from 20’s, health focus is taking care of the body and mind.  Irene is a great role model, transforming ... read more

Veenesh Dubois Story

Veenesh is an inspiration to the Pro Fit family.  She is the Lady talking to herself in the corner before 9:30am boot camp, reciting for upcoming auditons and/or performances. Thank you Vee, for returning all these years, keeping the trainers on their toes, to continue to give you the best workouts each day. Veenesh’s desire for performing started at an early age back in her village where the best stories came from. ... read more

Stephanie’s Story

  Stephanie has been a trooper and answerd a few questions. We admire Stephanie greatly and have been honoured she has stayed on board at Pro Fit Boot Camp to fulfill her training needs. She is an inspiration, juggling family in their young years, a career and her own personal goals. Personal goals for a mother is difficult, as kids become a crutch to hide behind. Stephanie honours herself, every 5:3oam class during ... read more

This Week Challenge

Your challenge for this week 1-lose 2 lbs of fat 2-Come at list to 3 classes 3- Go for three 15 minute run ———————— A-Eat less Grain B-Avoid sugar as best as you can This should do 2 lbs Talk to us if you need help ... read more

Sport Lecturer Free and Open to All

Every Sunday 12:00-1:00pm Sport Lecturer Next week – March/ 2 Glyphosate – what is killing you softly. Why we should eat organic. Also what foods you don’t have to buy organic. ————— March/ 9 Fructose – the fat switch – the real reason for obesity epidemics. ———– March/16 the microbiome – gut health – the art of fermentation ... read more

Mobility Workshop – Shoulder Complex

Mobility Workshop – runs one sunday a month 8-9am April/27/2014 Drop in rate of $20 for members Instructors kelly and hamid Each month we will be running over a joint of body and the muscles and ligaments supporting the joint. how to safely and effectively stretch/strengthen the area. good knowledge to apply pre / post workouts if having issues with body tension. we will post the joint and muscles one month prior ... read more

Membership 3 6 and 12 months, UNLIMITED CLASSES have sale price, good deal!

... read more

New Members, Groupon

Hello Welcome to Pro Fit Boot Camp, Please email us, to schedule your start date, days and times you would like to come over the course of your membership. Each week can be a different schedule, different days and times. If you change your schedule please email, to give new schedule.      Make up classes are done the same week as the missed class.      Bring yoga mat, towel, water, if you have a ... read more