Veenesh Dubois Story

Veenesh is an inspiration to the Pro Fit family.  She is the Lady talking to herself in the corner before 9:30am boot camp, reciting for upcoming auditons and/or performances.
Thank you Vee, for returning all these years, keeping the trainers on their toes, to continue to give you the best workouts each day.
Veenesh’s desire for performing started at an early age back in her village where the best stories came from. In Canada, her theatre studies include; voice, movement and her new found love of play writing. In front of the camera,she has appeared in over 30 U.S National commercials, TV series – most recently on the series “The Killing” directed by Jonathan Demme . And  of course the stage where she feels most at home on.
Veenesh has fulfilled a life long dream of creating, producing and starring in her own stage plays. But she’s not done yet!!! lookout for a children’s book to be released in the near future..
1. What brought you to Pro-Fit Bootcamp?
~ I first came to profit because I got tired of the hustle and bustle of a gym and how impersonal it was out there. I needed a different workout than a treadmill or bike and the monotony of going from one machine to another..I felt like a robot!!
2.What was going on in your  immediate life before you started the training at Profit?
~ I was very busy auditioning for film and T.V, touring my show nationally and taking care of my family. I felt tired but needed to workout to keep my sanity and not let the touring life consume me.
3.Where was your fit level from start and now?
~ I was pretty fit before because I had been a runner and worked out constantly but after joining Profit I learned about the CORE!!! I started to focus on my core and doing the exercises properly to benefit me and build muscle. My legs, abdominals,arms and my mind feels ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound! I’M A PRO – FIT WOMAN,HEAR ME ROAR!
4. Where is your personal levels ie: Energy,time management,injuries?
~ I have plenty of energy these days but the work is hard in Profit and challenges me everyday,I like that because I need to be challenged! The workouts are so different and fun that you almost forget your working out and the time goes by so fast but you’re still dripping with sweat..All over the blue floor!!
5.What are 3 or more things you achieved at Profit and further goals you would like to see.
~ I see my body getting stronger and my physique looking leaner
~ I see my focus getting stronger when I do an exercise.
~ I’m aware my posture now more than I ever have been..even in a grocery store. I can’t believe how focusing on my posture before I go into an audition helps me with delivering lines. I am confident in the room and hold my head up high and the directors,producers and casting directors see that.
~ I can move freely on stage in a movement piece and hold the audiences attention throughout my entire performance and receive a standing ovation at the end.
What do I need from Profit moving forward?
~ I need you to push me even more and tell me everyday to watch my core,posture, eat less wheat and sugar!! I need more exercises that are fun but challenging and I need to raise my cardio level. I want to by the end of the year to do a race of some sort,not sure what,maybe you all can suggest something for me.
But till then….
I am 48 years old, I’m a mom to 3 adult daughters, I’m married to a rock star and I’m about to become a grandmother! What more can I ask for!
Thank you Profit for enriching my life with a strong body and the knowledge to connect with it!! Heres to 10 more years..