New Members, Groupon

Hello Welcome to Pro Fit Boot Camp,

Please email us, to schedule your start date, days and times you would like to come over the course of your membership.
Each week can be a different schedule, different days and times. If you change your schedule please email, to give new schedule.
     Make up classes are done the same week as the missed class.
     Bring yoga mat, towel, water, if you have a groupon, bring that as well.
We do Kickboxing in random, if you have your own gloves bring them, if you do not, you can borrow. We do sell boxing gloves at the gym for $40.
All classes are open for all levels of fitness. We will teach how to modify exercises, if needed. Build strength safely and effectively.
Wear comfortable workout clothes.
Have any questions please email.
Look forward to meeting you.
Hamid and Kelly