Stephanie’s Story


Stephanie has been a trooper and answerd a few questions.

We admire Stephanie greatly and have been honoured she has stayed on board at Pro Fit Boot Camp to fulfill her training needs.

She is an inspiration, juggling family in their young years, a career and her own personal goals.

Personal goals for a mother is difficult, as kids become a crutch to hide behind.

Stephanie honours herself, every 5:3oam class during the week and early morning on weekends, she is at Pro Fit Boot Camp.

Thank you Stephanie for being a leader, really good to have you in the gym.


1. What brought you in to Pro Fit Boot Camp?

I had made a personal decision that it was time to get into shape and do something for myself.

Was researching gyms and programs and saw the Groupon offered by Profit. I bought it and the

rest is history.

2. What was going on in immediate life when you start the training at Pro Fit?

Raising two young children; working full time. No extra-curricular or sport activities in my day

to day life. I had let myself gain weight after my second child. I looked big and avoided mirrors

at all costs. In my “duty” or role of being a mom, I had gotten into a routine of just doing things

for the family and was not making time for me. I also felt guilty and/or selfish at the thought of

taking time away from being with my husband or my children to do something for myself. Lots

of unnecessary guilt.

I finally accepted I needed to make a change. The hours of the classes at Pro Fit offered me a

“guilt free” workout – it was the perfect fit.

When I met Hamid, I told him what I lack in physical ability I will make up for in determination. I

meant it.

3. What was your physical activity like prior to marriage and children?

Played competitive tennis growing up, in university and through my 20’s. Did cross country

skiing in my youth and competitive team in high school. In my 20’s also got into spinning and

aerobic classes. I was in good shape.

4. Where was your fit level at start of training to now?

To start, zero cardio, zero core, strength wise I using 8lb weights at the beginning. Personal

weight… I never weighed myself (fear primarily and I didn’t want to know – denial) but if I had to

guess, I was approaching 180lbs?

Now, have cardio… last weekend jogged the Sun Run with ease. Did the Spartan Sprint last

year and finished in the top 20th percentile of my age group. Now using 15lb weights. Made

significant progress in finding my abs. Weighed myself finally and I am now 128lbs.

5. Where was your personal level, ie. energy levels, time management levels, injuries…?

The place I was in before, I felt lazy and I was unhappy with myself. Low self- esteem and

low energy. I always had the desire to workout, jog or play tennis – I just had trouble getting

myself there to start. No pre-existing injuries to blame – just self-allowed transformation into a

marshmallow. Poor time management as I did not make “me time”.

6. What are 3 or more things you achieved at Pro Fit and further goals you would like to see?


– Changed my eating habits

o I approach food differently now ; I eat healthier and limit food that won’t give me

good health benefits

– I have much more energy!

– I’ve lost significant weight and gained cardio, muscle, stability, core – I have a new body

essentially (I am probably the fittest I’ve been in my life)

– I’ve embraced a new family at Pro Fit and made fantastic new friends

– I am a happier person due to previous points stated… J

Further Goals:

– I honestly don’t see an end to my goals. I feel like I have gained a new state of being on

mental, emotional and physical levels. So my first and foremost goal is to NOT lose sight

these important things. I honestly see my health in “the sky is the limit” perspective. There

is continual room for improvement; and I want to keep improving, keep learning, keep

trying new things. For example, I learned how to do a proper push up the other day!! I see

all the fit people at Pro Fit and I am inspired to keep going. If I had to name some specifics,

I’d say I do want to lose more weight, and I definitely want to improve in strength. I’d like to

climb that rope one day, do a set of chin ups unassisted, and if possible after two kids, have

well defined abs. Harder – better – faster – stronger!!!